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Our Smart Tea Maker

· The Advantages of Our Smart Tea Maker


1、Now you can make your favorite black tea by simply pressing one button!

2、No longer need to worry about the water temperature and time of brewing—the machine does everything for you.

3、Present you the most natural flavor of the tea.


· Core technology

1、Optimization of the whole brewing process: the Smart Tea Maker is able to identify the tea used for brewing and chooses the most fitting water temperature and time of brewing in correspondence with the tea variety to ensure the quality of your every sip.


2、A wide range of flavors: we have tea pods of multiple flavors. Simply choose your favorite and let the Smart Tea Maker do the rest! 


3、Fast and easy: press the button and wait for up to 2 minutes before enjoying your tea.


4、After brewing, the tea pod is automatically discarded, making the machine much easier to clean.


· Specification