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· Advantages about Junmei China

1、High quality tea materials

Zhengshantang · Junmei China Black Tea is made of essential tea ingredients from the TOP nine classic tea production areas in China and refined by Zhengshantang’s unique processing techniques. 


Top 9 Classic Tea Regions

2、Scale supply

Jin Junmei brand was founded in 2005 by Zhengshantang. With years of development, in 2018, Zhengshantang initiated a series of Jun Mei Black Tea with a taste style of Fresh, Fragrant and Sweet. Moreover, Zhengshantang continuously promotes its innovative Jin Junmei Tea Processing Techniques countrywide in China. Successively, Zhengshantang corporates with the top nine classic tea product areas which are Xinyang of Henan Province, Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province, Pu'an of Guizhou Province, Ya'an of Sichuan Province, Badong of Hubei Province, Guzhang of Hunan Province, Huangshan of Anhui Province, Gaoligong Mountain of Yunnan Province. By doing so, Zhengshantang has innovated and developed a series of new China black tea brands including the Xinyang Black Tea, Kuaiji Black Tea, Pu'an Black Tea, Mengshan of Zhengshantang Black Tea, Badong Black Tea, Guzhang Black Tea, Xin'an of Zhengshantang Black Tea, The Gaoligong Black Tea etc. And based on this, through careful material select and blending by professional tea masters, Zhengshantang's Junmei China Black Tea comes out.Up to now, the production of Junmei China can reach more than 100,000 kilograms.


Mengding Mountain Tea Garden

3、In line with the trend of modern light drinking

The Zhengshantang Junmei China Black Tea is slim and compact in its shape, gold and yellow in color. After brewing, the tea water looks transparent in orange yellow, smells honey sweet and fruity, and tastes mellow with fresh. The bottom of the tea leave remains soft, uniform in bright red color. Savoring the tea will make your mind relaxed and refreshed, as if you were travelling around the wonderful land of China.


· About Junmei China

1、Badong Black Tea


2、Gaoligong Black Tea


3、Guzhang Black Tea


4、Kuaiji Black Tea


5、Mengshan Black Tea


6、Pu'an Black Tea


7、Junmei Black Tea


8、Xin'an Black Tea


9、Xinyang Black Tea